Find your way within your Word documents.


LegalWord transforms document creation from a tedious task into a seamless and enjoyable experience. With LegalWord, drafting litigation documents, pleadings, agreements, and deeds becomes effortless. No more struggling with layouts and minor details—LegalWord helps  you create professional documents in your preferred style, ready for delivery in no time.

Create. Save. Share. Find. Manage.

A few indispensable features.

Word documents at a glance

LegalWord enables rapid document creation with intuitive templates and seamless integration with Epona ContactManager and Epona DMSforLegal. Accessing the right information is effortless, ensuring quick creation of professional documents.


Save without fuss, always uniform

LegalWord saves you valuable time by eliminating the need for endless copying and pasting of documents. Quickly and efficiently create and save templates with ease. Seamlessly link documents to the appropriate case and automatically extract necessary contact information from your PMS or CRM. LegalWord ensures uniform and consistent storage of all your documents, hassle-free.


Make your work accessible for reuse

With LegalWord, sharing essential documents with colleagues becomes effortless, allowing you to pool knowledge and expertise for maximum impact.


Find documents directly

With our advanced search features, locating documents is quicker than finding a unicorn in a game of hide-and-seek. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, search by name, case, or subject to swiftly access the information you need.



Always in control

Effortlessly oversee all your documents and maintain a clear overview. Record activities, schedule follow-ups, and manage your document creation process seamlessly. With LegalWord, you have everything at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on your strengths beyond document creation.

Why get started tomorrow?

A few good reasons.

  • Say goodbye to document frustrations. We’ve got it covered. Send out your documents with a consistently professional appearance.
  • Minimize errors and enhance the quality of your work.
  • Collaboration has never been easier or more enjoyable.
  • Keep control and manage all your documents in one central location.
  • Save time by letting LegalWord handle the tedious tasks.

Make an impression.

No more manually applying your brand identity to documents. With LegalWord, your corporate identity is automatically applied to all your documents, including logos and signatures. This creates unity and recognition across all your communications, making each document a powerful touchpoint.

Why legal professionals can't do without it.

Drafting legal documents requires precision and consistency, yet it can also be a time-consuming process. By automatically generating documents in the correct style, you save valuable time and minimize errors. Additionally, the uniform formatting ensures a professional appearance, which is crucial in this industry. Whether you need to create a legal brief, pleading, or contract, this tool provides you with the right templates at your fingertips. It’s simply indispensable for any legal professional aiming for a professional image.

What clients think

"As a lawyer, you run into the same problem every day: You've been out of the office for half a day. You perch behind your workstation and stare at an exploded mailbox. Where do you start? Daily email management takes up so much time. Precious time we'd rather use for clients. Fortunately, Epona365 shows that it can be done differently."

Hidde Reitsma, lawyer and partner of AMS Advocaten

What the founders have to say.

'Next level teamwork; that's really what it's all about. With that close-knit teamwork, we have been helping legal professionals find their way in their digital working environment for 25 years. And with a big smile on our faces.

Marcel Lang

What the founders have to say.

'It's not purely about making brilliant software, it's about the people. Our success is due to the strength of our team and the tireless efforts of every team member. Together, we have created a culture of collaboration and fun that has stood the test of time. As a result, we continue to delight our customers day after day."

Bart van Wanroij

What the founders have to say.

"For 25 years, we have been pioneers in developing cutting-edge software solutions that help legal professionals navigate their way through 'the digital chaos.' Our love of technology and commitment to perfection have led to where we are today - a leading player in the industry."

Marco Dissel