Great people.
Greater team.

Who we are

What defines Epona? The team. Our strength doesn’t solely lie in harnessing the expertise of our team members. No, it primarily resides in the unique personalities and qualities of our people. In their quirks and passions. We’re more than just programmers, designers, and managers. We are dreamers, doers, and perseverers, driven by an indomitable will to succeed. Our people aren’t just great at what they do; they are also great human beings. It is why so many of our customers “love” Epona.  It is more than just the software and the solutions.  It is our people.

We will always find our way.

Together, we form a close-knit community of innovators who have a shared vision: Make life easier, using technology, for people who work with knowledge, documents, and emails.

Our story? It begins with a small, brave group from the Netherlands that has since positioned itself as a Global leader in the industry. We have always charted our own course, staying ahead of the curve, leading the pack. Our flat company structure, rapid developments, and direct customer contact create a unique culture that sets us apart.

While we may not be the biggest company in our space, we are certainly the most driven. Our dedication is palpable. This is evident when partners like Microsoft collaborate with us, where they are seeking true experts with many thousands of users and years of experience under our belts making SharePoint a full fledged DMS, CMS and EMM. For us, Epona is a playground, built on the Microsoft platform, where we unleash our creativity and continue to innovate for the benefit of our customers, and the joy it brings us.

Shared leadership.

Shared leadership is the driving force behind our team. At Epona, you won’t find traditional hierarchies or stuffy office politics. We are a global company, but we operate like small, close knit family. We’re a bit rebellious and believe in bringing together different voices and perspectives. In North America, we have people in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, and Georgia. In Europe, we have staff in the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria.  No decision is made without input from the entire team. The result? Strong, dynamic leadership that not only inspires but also paves the way for development and growth. Because in our forward thinking solutions club, we know that true strength lies in unity and shared responsibility.

That’s us.

Creators, Savers, Sharers, Finders, Managers.

Epona is a diverse group of brilliant minds, dedicated to crafting the most intelligent document management solutions for the users of Microsoft 365. We're not afraid of hard work, ready to get our hands dirty when needed. Maintaining a visionary perspective so that we can deliver better solutions to our customers, using the most up-to-date platform on earth, Epona works at a rapid pace to deliver better, faster software solutions as fast as the needs of our world change. Our daily aim is clear: provide smarter solutions to our customers that save time and money, using the platform they have already invested in. At Epona, we are a united group of innovative thinkers to practical problem-solvers, from knowledge-sharing enthusiasts to trailblazers and strategic leaders… united to create a formidable team fueled by boundless determination.

Main Capital

As daring innovators, we’ve consistently carved our own path. However, there are times when partnering with others can amplify our impact and propel us forward. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Main Capital, an investor that shares our vision and empowers us to advance our products. This collaboration accelerates our ambitions, as we remain resolute in pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable.

What clients think

"As a lawyer, you run into the same problem every day: You've been out of the office for half a day. You perch behind your workstation and stare at an exploded mailbox. Where do you start? Daily email management takes up so much time. Precious time we'd rather use for clients. Fortunately, Epona365 shows that it can be done differently."

Hidde Reitsma, lawyer and partner of AMS Advocaten

What the founders have to say.

'Next level teamwork; that's really what it's all about. With that close-knit teamwork, we have been helping legal professionals find their way in their digital working environment for 25 years. And with a big smile on our faces.

Marcel Lang

What the founders have to say.

'It's not purely about making brilliant software, it's about the people. Our success is due to the strength of our team and the tireless efforts of every team member. Together, we have created a culture of collaboration and fun that has stood the test of time. As a result, we continue to delight our customers day after day."

Bart van Wanroij

What the founders have to say.

"For 25 years, we have been pioneers in developing cutting-edge software solutions that help legal professionals navigate their way through 'the digital chaos.' Our love of technology and commitment to perfection have led to where we are today - a leading player in the industry."

Marco Dissel