Find your way within your documents and e-mails.


Epona365 serves as your all-encompassing solution for document and email management. It’s crafted on the foundation of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, tailored specifically for lawyers and in-house counsel. Collaborate seamlessly and organize crucial information from any location or device. Epona365 unifies your widespread data into a single hub, directly accessible from Outlook or Teams. In essence, it streamlines your daily systems for a more efficient workflow, letting you say goodbye to chaos and hello to productivity!

Create. Save. Share. Find. Manage.

A few indispensable features.

Files, clients, emails and documents

Effortlessly generate files, connect clients instantly, and archive emails and documents in record time. Epona365 facilitates these tasks seamlessly via convenient links, offering streamlined file creation process and significant time savings. Allowing you to devote more time to core business or a well-deserved coffee break.


Smart storage using metadata

No more tedious manual searching for the perfect document storage location. Epona365 simplifies saving effortlessly, offering five distinct methods. Metatags guarantee that each document finds its rightful place instantly, sparing you mental effort. This saves time and safeguards against the loss of critical information amidst unrelated documents.


Sharing and collaborating on emails and documents

Working together has never been simpler. With Epona365 you can share content seamlessly, whether it’s a group project or a confidential legal document. Automated version control and robust security measures ensure everything stays organized and secure.


File Management

No more hunting for specific files or important notes. Epona365’s intelligent metadata-based storage ensures precise organization, ending the endless search for crucial emails or documents. Now ¬†everything you need is easily accessible, managing files is effortless and all your documentation is conveniently centralized.


Manage and organize your documents

Let Epona365 handle the mundane administrative tasks. Its automated workflows and smooth process management allow you to concentrate on your expertise: delivering exceptional legal work. Tasks can even be generated automatically based on file types, further streamlining your workflow.

Why thousands of legal professionals can no longer live without it.

Create a searchable knowledge base by ensuring that emails, attachments, and other files are easily accessible based on your search criteria. A preview function provides rapid insights. Save expenses by avoiding the need to recreate routine documents like contracts.

Epona365 seamlessly integrates with financial practice management and CRM systems, enhancing productivity by streamlining DMS processes.

Effortlessly and securely share knowledge and collaborate on case-related documents using a proven collaboration platform. Accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device, ensuring the right people have access, even on the go.

Mitigate risks and minimize expenses by leveraging standard Microsoft applications and standardizing your IT infrastructure.

Migrating your work environment to SharePoint improves user acceptance around digital filing.

With Epona365, you can reassure clients with your proficiency in modern work practices, communicating seamlessly with a deep understanding of the industry. You can ensure that your work is swift, accurate, and free from duplication, using new AI applications for positive outcomes.

Why get started tomorrow?

A few good reasons.

Begin your work from familiar platforms: Outlook, Office applications, and Teams.

  • Automatically add metadata and save various file types effortlessly.
  • Seamlessly save email attachments and establish links between documents.
  • Collaborate within documents and manage version control smoothly.
  • Navigate your DMS swiftly using intelligent search capabilities, backed by AI support.
  • Utilize practical AI features that are readily available.
  • Access your documents and communications anytime, anywhere via our app.
  • Communicate with clients swiftly and effectively.
  • Subscribe to files for updates and notifications.

Don't get lost in digital chaos:

Artificial intelligence helps

We place great emphasis on the potential of AI, not just as a tool but also as a pivotal element in shaping the future of document management. It can enhance your Microsoft 365 experience, as well as your future office operations. Through our collaboration with CoPilot, we’re paving the way for exciting advancements as industry leaders. As a trusted vendor within the legal sector, our partnership with Microsoft runs deep, with biweekly meetings between our experts and Microsoft’s to help improve your future.

What does this mean for you? Automatic document classification, metadata replenishment, and enhanced search capabilities, all aimed at reducing administrative burdens and ultimately streamlining your workflow. Of course, for AI to be truly effective, your data must be well-organized, a task we also handle with precision and ease.

Find your way with CoPilot.

Through our integration with CoPilot, we seamlessly introduce AI into your work environment, providing effortless access to its powerful functionality. From document classification to email archiving suggestions, CoPilot and Epona combine forces to elevate the efficiency and intelligence of your daily tasks.

What clients think

"As a lawyer, you run into the same problem every day: You've been out of the office for half a day. You perch behind your workstation and stare at an exploded mailbox. Where do you start? Daily email management takes up so much time. Precious time we'd rather use for clients. Fortunately, Epona365 shows that it can be done differently."

Hidde Reitsma, lawyer and partner of AMS Advocaten

What the founders have to say.

'Next level teamwork; that's really what it's all about. With that close-knit teamwork, we have been helping legal professionals find their way in their digital working environment for 25 years. And with a big smile on our faces.

Marcel Lang

What the founders have to say.

'It's not purely about making brilliant software, it's about the people. Our success is due to the strength of our team and the tireless efforts of every team member. Together, we have created a culture of collaboration and fun that has stood the test of time. As a result, we continue to delight our customers day after day."

Bart van Wanroij

What the founders have to say.

"For 25 years, we have been pioneers in developing cutting-edge software solutions that help legal professionals navigate their way through 'the digital chaos.' Our love of technology and commitment to perfection have led to where we are today - a leading player in the industry."

Marco Dissel