Find your way within your contacts.


ContactManager stands out as the preferred CRM system among legal professionals, and for good reason. It facilitates rapid setup of business development and marketing campaigns, empowering you to manage relationships and boost client loyalty effortlessly. This versatile tool seamlessly integrates with your practice software, eliminating frustrations around tasks like Christmas cards and email marketing lists. Giving you valuable insights into your clients’ needs, cultivating a positive image, and unlocking new market opportunities.

Create. Save. Share. Find. Manage.

A few indispensable features.

Relevant contact information created quickly

Effortlessly add new contacts for clients, prospects, and key individuals. Seamlessly include pertinent details like contact information, industry, and interests.


Store the right info in the right place

Centralize all client communications and interactions in a single location. Archive emails, notes, and documents, and associate them with the relevant contact person or organization efficiently.


Work together to maximize client retention

Collaborate with colleagues in the office by sharing crucial information and updates. Work together on business development strategies and exchange insights about clients and prospects.


At a glance, all information at your fingertips

Access everything you need in an instant. Utilize our advanced search features to quickly locate contacts and important details with lightning-fast speed. Available anytime, anywhere, including on-the-go convenience.


Work within one ultimate control center

Maintain full control. Effortlessly oversee every aspect of the customer journey. Record activities, schedule strategic follow-ups, and seize every opportunity without fail.

Why get started tomorrow?

A few good reasons.

  • Centralize relationship management with an integrated CRM system.
  • Drive revenue growth through targeted business development initiatives.
  • Enhance efficiency with streamlined processes via financial and document management system integration.
  • Optimize customer relationships using an activity module for comprehensive relationship management.
  • Maintain data integrity with a robust deduplication module.
  • Simplify marketing campaigns, such as annual Christmas cards, for seamless execution.
  • Easily set up and deploy email campaigns to specific target groups.
  • Enhance engagement by personalizing messages.
  • Monitor all marketing activities within a unified system.

What clients think

"As a lawyer, you run into the same problem every day: You've been out of the office for half a day. You perch behind your workstation and stare at an exploded mailbox. Where do you start? Daily email management takes up so much time. Precious time we'd rather use for clients. Fortunately, Epona365 shows that it can be done differently."

Hidde Reitsma, lawyer and partner of AMS Advocaten

What the founders have to say.

'Next level teamwork; that's really what it's all about. With that close-knit teamwork, we have been helping legal professionals find their way in their digital working environment for 25 years. And with a big smile on our faces.

Marcel Lang

What the founders have to say.

'It's not purely about making brilliant software, it's about the people. Our success is due to the strength of our team and the tireless efforts of every team member. Together, we have created a culture of collaboration and fun that has stood the test of time. As a result, we continue to delight our customers day after day."

Bart van Wanroij

What the founders have to say.

"For 25 years, we have been pioneers in developing cutting-edge software solutions that help legal professionals navigate their way through 'the digital chaos.' Our love of technology and commitment to perfection have led to where we are today - a leading player in the industry."

Marco Dissel


Say goodbye to duplication.

ContactManager seamlessly integrates with databases like the Chamber of Commerce, zip code databases, and legal financial and document management systems including Elite, Aderant, NEXTmatters, FORTUNA, CClaw, Fidura, and Legalsense. Eliminate double entry and errors with these intelligent connections, ensuring a streamlined workflow without complications.

E-mail marketing

Let's make marketing magic.

Harness the power of email marketing for reaching (potential) clients in a measurable manner. Develop email messages, design templates, automate campaigns, and access detailed reports for analysis. ContactManager seamlessly integrates with leading email marketing solutions like Spotler, Campaign Monitor, Azavista, and MailChimp, ensuring maximum ROI from every marketing campaign.

Strategic success

Business development.

We have a strong belief in the transformative power of AI. It’s not just a tool for us; we view it as a fundamental element shaping the future of document management and enhancing your Microsoft 365 experience, along with your future office operations. Our integration with CoPilot brings exciting developments ahead as leaders in the field.

As a trusted vendor in the legal industry, our partnership with Microsoft runs deep. Our experts regularly engage with Microsoft’s innovators to strategize and support your future.

What does this mean for you? AI brings a host of benefits, from automatic document classification to metadata replenishment and improved search capabilities, all aimed at reducing administrative burdens and enhancing workflow efficiency. Moreover, AI’s effectiveness hinges on well-organized data, a responsibility we also handle with precision.

Find your way with CoPilot.

By integrating CoPilot, we seamlessly introduce AI into your work environment, providing effortless access to its full range of functionality. From document classification to email archiving suggestions, CoPilot and Epona enhance the efficiency and intelligence of your daily tasks. Our commitment to innovation drives ongoing collaboration with top players in the AI industry.